Castlevania - Arena Of Blood is a non-profit fan game made by fans for fans.
All characters are from Castlevania series and belong to KONAMI® (except those mentioned).



Vampire Killers - Teaser

Back with some news!
Here is a little teaser featuring new characters & backgrounds!

Belmont VS Vampires!

Trevor Belmont - Carmilla
Sonia Belmont - Elizabeth Bartley
Simon Belmont - Big Bat
Richter Belmont - Brauner
Julius Belmont - Graham Jones
Juste Belmont - Dracula Wraith
Christopher Belmont - Dracula

Music: Py3rr - Vampire Killers


Castlevania - Arena Of Blood - Demo 1.0


The demo features 1O characters, 5 heroes & 5 villains, and 4 backgrounds, coming from the different Castlevania series.

Before to start, read the following instructions:

The Arcade mode allows you to fight against opponents with different levels, starting from level 20 to 100 (Most difficult one).

Every Arcade mode is made to allow you to fight against every Lvl 100 character.

The P1 vs P2 mode allows you to play against another friend.

The are several options like the Joystick option, where you can change the buttons, or another one where you can choose the background during the fight.


There are 2 basic attacks. If you want to use a strongest one, you have to pay it using hearts. The more hearts you use, the strongest the attack is.

To unleash the final attack, you must use a lot of hearts. If you keep the "down" button and press a special attack button, you can regain hearts. Use a basic attack and let the button pressed to unleash the final attack.

The candles show you the number of victories. You need 2 victories to win a fight.

BEWARE OF THE TIMER!! If the time is over, both players win, so you have to win another victory to go to the next stage.

If you have any suggestion or comment, write us at !!

Keep in mind that this game is a fan game, made by fans for fans! ;)



Demo 1.0

Latest news!

The demo will feature 10 characters and about 4 backgrounds of the Castlevania series!
More infos coming soon!



Like we promised, here is the very first trailer of the game!

Music: Py3rr - Dance Of The  Holy Tears (A mix of Bloody Tears, Dance Of The Holy Man & Vampire Killer)


The backgrounds come from different Castlevania series, some have been reworked for the game.

 You can find:

Big Bridge : Super Castlevania IV, the bridge leading you to Dracula's Room.

Burning Village : Vampire's Kiss (Dracula X), village of the 1st stage.

Castle Entrance : Castlevania's very first background!

Castle Ruins : Castlevania II, Simon's Quest, Dracula's Castle in ruins.

Castle Treasury : Harmony of Dissonance, Corridor leading you to Dracula Wraith's Room.

Chapel Tower : Circle of the Moon.

Clock Tower : Castlevania Legends, Game Boy version reworked for the game.

Death Tower : The Adventure, symbolic Game Boy level reworked for the game.

Dracula's Room : Symphony of the Night, the famous Dracula's Room.

Gallery : Portrait of Ruin, even if it's similar to the room with the 5 portraits, this gallery is a fictive background made for the game.

Lost Village : Dawn of Sorrow, more exactly, it is the forest surrounding the village.

Mad Forest : Dracula's Curse, one of the first forests of the game, also the place where Sypha is prisoned.

Plant Castle : Belmont's Revenge, one of the 4 castles (with the Rock Castle, Sky Castle and the Crystal Castle), this background has also been reworked for the game.

Romania Castle : Bloodlines (New Generation) 1st stage of the game.

The Study : Aria of Sorrow.

Village Ruins : Rondo of Blood, 1st stage of the game, also known as the "Dinner of Flames"

Wygol Village : Order of Ecclesia, main village of the game.

And a picture featuring some of them:


Main Menu

You can choose one of the 3 following modes:

- Story Mode: Finish them all to unlock many characters.

- VS Mode: Fight against the CPU or a 2nd Player.

- Team Battle Mode: Build a team and fight another one.

(The 2 last modes may change, everything is not fixed yet)


Welcome on the official site of the homemade fan game: Castlevania - Arena Of Blood!

Castlevania - Arena Of Blood is a 2D old school fight game in 255 colors developped by the Mad Rodentz with the software 2D Fighter Maker.
The Mad Rodentz are a pair of two people: Py3rr and Jwlian.

This fan project was born a year ago, when Jwli4n decided to make Castlevania characters meet each other. Two months later, Py3rr joined the adventure and it became an official project.

This game is a kind of tribute to the Castlevania series, whose Py3rr and Jwli4n are big fans of.